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Re: David Coe, menu, @someotherplace.org [was @someplace.org]

hi joost,

By the way, it's "someotherplace.org", not 
"someplace.org", in case that's part of the problem.

I did just recently receive two replies, but they 
were apparently delayed by my ISP (we've had a few 
power failures today, so they were probably held
by a secondary MX for a while or something).

If you sent more than two messages (message ids 
19990728200210.A15172@cistron.nl and
19990728214224.A31852@cistron.nl), the others haven't 
arrived (yet).

I'll reply shortly to those two.

joost witteveen wrote:
> Does anyone know (or maybe David himself) what the email adress
> is for David Coe? He sends me email (thanks!) that starts with
> the following From header:
> From: David Coe <david.coe@someotherplace.org>
> Apparently the `someplace.org' domain isn't correct (surprice!), and
> he doesn't read the replies I sent him.

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