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ITP: libdbd-pnet-perl, pnet-agent


i'd like to package the mentioned packages but i have a 'small' doubt
about it's license.

"The DBD::pNET module is Copyright (c) 1997 Jochen Wiedmann. Parts of the 
sources are based on the DBD::Oracle module. The DBD::Oracle module is 
Copyright (c) 1995,1996,1997 Tim Bunce. England. 

The DBD::pNET module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify 
it under the same terms as Perl itself, with the exception that it cannot be 
placed on a CD-ROM or similar media for commercial distribution without the 
prior approval of the author."

So what should i do? Contact the author and ask permission to debianize it?
'cause the term commercial distribution is somewhat vague in my opinion...



--- Package info --

libdbd-pnet-perl: Perl network database driver for the DBI module

	DBD::pNET is a Perl module for connecting to a database via a remote 
	DBI driver. This is of course not needed for DBI drivers which already 
	support connecting to a remote database, but there are DBI drivers 
	which work with local databases only, for example DBD::ODBC.

pnetagent - DBI proxy server
	pNETagent is the DBI proxy server usually running on the same machine 
	than the DBMS. It may run on other machines, if the DBMS itself 
	supports access over the network. This can be useful in a firewalled 

	pNETagent supports security features like host and user based 
	authorization, encryption and query restrictions: You can create a set 
	of queries that the client may execute and restrict access to these. 
	Again, this is of special importance in a firewalled environment.

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