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Re: Sponsorship: news and questions about the maintainer field

On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> Some remarks :
> - the sponsor does not want the bug reports in his mail box, those should
>   go to the maintainer ... :)

I agree.

> - taking over the maintainership does not request the preceding maintainer
>   to do anything, you just have to upload a package with a modified
>   Maintainer field. No need to ask debian-qa or the sponsor (of course you
>   must have your account on master for that).

It doesn't, technically. But I think I should at least inform the
previous maintainer and wait for his acknowledgement just to be polite
and (more practical reason) to avoid colliding uploads.

> - debian-qa is a a mailing-list where you could subscribe to get the bug
>   reports. Each subscriber is part of the Debian QA Group and can work on
>   packages owned by debian-qa ... the list is just a matter of
>   coordinating the work on the orphaned packages and on general 
>   quality issues.

Oh, I understand it now, the point is yours :)


..all in all it's just another rule in the firewall. 

                                         /Ping Flood/

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