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Possible ITP: Rescue Package

On Mon, 26 Jul 1999, Fabien Tassin wrote:

> Well, it would be nice to have a rescue package too (optional or recommended).

Probably "Extra".

> This will let people choose between rescue disk or direct rescue.. or both.
> Unfortunatly, I have nearly zero free time to do this myself :(

As I'm already working on a semi-related problem, maybe I can do this.

What you seem to be asking for, is a collection of utility programs that
are static linked for use in a hosed system. All of these program exist in
current packages, but only need to be compiled differently and collected
into one binary package. This is the part I am already working on.

In addition, if this is going to act like a "normal" Debian package, it
must install these programs somewhere besides the locations of their
dynamicly linked counterparts, and still be accessible within the
"crashed" system. A system similar to update alternatives could be used to
"replace" the dynamic tools with their static counterparts, but I don't
think this is a good idea, because in a normal system you don't want
little tools running around with big memory footprints.

The desire is to have the tools execute easily, so long path names for
their location is not desirable. An alternate method would add a simple
short string to the front of the command names, so vi would becom rsqvi,
cp would become rsqcp, etc...

Utilities using this naming convention could easily go into /sbin and /bin
although they would still need a full pathname when your path is broken.

The main question is: "What constitutes a reasonable list of utilities?"

I would suggest that we start with:

nvi/vim/elvis (someone else has to fight this one out)

<add only absolutely necessary utilities at this point>

Suggestions are welcome, but I just suggest that this list not get above
between 6 and 10 utilities, as I must pull in the sources for them all,
and manage their building together under the static linkage arrangement,
and then bundle the executables into one Debian package.

All ideas welcome,

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