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Re: ITP: xtank

And thus spake Marco d'Itri, on Sun, Jul 25, 1999 at 10:05:26PM +0200:
> On Jul 25, Kevin Doherty <kdoherty@cosanostra.net> wrote:
>  >Hi, I've actually been working on getting xtank up to date (ported to Solaris
>  >2.6 and Linux 2.2(glibc 2.1) so far and I was planning on packaging it, but
> I really don't mind if you will become the debian maintainer, my
> original goal was to package it and then look for another maintainer
> anyway.

Cool. Sorry about not sending an ITP, I probably should have done so,
but I didn't think of it.

> Since you are not yet a developer and you could still not be one when
> potato is freezed I would me happy to be the sponsor of your package
> until your application has been processed.

That sounds great.

> (There are some things about the user space threading library I would
> like to talk about with you.)

Nod. I did use the builtin threading emulation w/ jmpbufs and such, though
I plan on working to get the POSIX threading support up to date in the 

I was really surprised that the faked threading worked so well, as it was
literally a one line change (apparently libc6 changed jmpbuf to be just
an array instead of a struct). I haven't had the chance to try actual
multiplayer but the robots seem to work (actually, I should probably 
qualify that as "work as well as they do under Solaris using SVR4 
threading" :)

>  >BTW- I'm also planning on asking the upstream maintainer if I could adopt 
>  >it as it has not been updated in a few years (the latest version I have is
>  >1.4d).
> I worked on 1.3f. Plase ask him if he is willing to adopt a free
> license too.

Yeah, that was part of my plan. Incidentally, who all do I need to 
contact about that? Do I need just the original author or the current
maintainer or do I need to verify this with all contributors?

Kevin Doherty, kdoherty@jurai.net
"Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind."
       -- Rincewind (from _Eric_)

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