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Re: infomagic

> You know, I don't mean to rain on your parade too
> much, but I've read 2
> messages from you on different subjects talking
> about Potato being
> released "soon"...
> Let me start by saying whoever told you this was
> POSSIBLE is on crack.
> Why can we not release "soon"?
>   * Our boot disks don't work anymore
>   * We need to fix the cdrom layout
>   * Potato's perl is inconsistant, at best
>   * We have almost THREE HUNDRED release critical
> bugs that must be fixed
>     prior to release
>   * The archive maintainers haven't had time to
> process the manual stuff
>     in incoming for what feels like ages but is
> probably more like a
>     couple of weeks
>   * dinstall seems to be broken/breaking
>   * Our mirrors are out of sync
>   * We need a reasonable testing period after we've
> fixed the above
> To everyone expecting a September release, WAKE UP! 
> It's NOT going to
> happen.  It's NOT possible, not that soon.  I think
> if we shoot for having
> it out by the holidays it could be done, however
> we've seen what happens
> if it's not done by December---everyone goes on
> vacation and nothing gets
> done until February.  =p
I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong idea.  I knew damn well that a
september release had a snowball's chance in hell.  However someone out
there is posting debian vaporware for commerical distribution, I just
meant to report what I see.  Myself, I'm hoping to see 2.2 before Y2K
(please tell me that this at least is possible).
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