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Re: infomagic

On Fri, 23 Jul 1999, Michael Stone wrote:
> > Let me start by saying whoever told you this was POSSIBLE is on crack.
> Literally? 

And where can we get some? :-)

> >   * Our boot disks don't work anymore
> If they don't, we can just stick slink's boot disks back in. It wouldn't
> be the end of the world.

NO!  We NEED a single floppy network install.  I mean, we seriously need
this.  No more "one install floppy covers all".  We have to provide a range
of install floppies for a range of situations to best serve our growing
constituency.  I wish I could work fulltime on Debian.  Making money takes
up too much time. *sigh*  Maybe I should apply for a job at Stormix.


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