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Re: infomagic

Le Fri, Jul 23, 1999 at 04:26:53PM -0700, Joseph Carter écrivait:
>   * We need to fix the cdrom layout

I've written a new CD script that already builds binary CDs successfully.
The CD script will be ready before september.

>   * Potato's perl is inconsistant, at best

It will be solved in some days, there's only 15 packages to update. The
other are already installed or waiting in Incoming.

>   * We have almost THREE HUNDRED release critical bugs that must be fixed
>     prior to release

Don't you see how fast we kill bugs ? I've opened 80 important bugs for
the perl upgrade, and I'm busy correcting all those (and other when
possible) with dozens of NMUs.

Josip is also coordinating the work about the release critical bugs. If
some maintainers work on this area regularly, the RCB counter may well
ridiculously low by september.

>   * The archive maintainers haven't had time to process the manual stuff
>     in incoming for what feels like ages but is probably more like a
>     couple of weeks

This is something where I can't help. But I need some packages in Incoming
to be installed in order to finish the perl upgrade ... as I need some
packages to be removed (like libmd5-perl and alias).

>   * dinstall seems to be broken/breaking
>   * Our mirrors are out of sync

No more, this night the push was ok I think.

>   * We need a reasonable testing period after we've fixed the above

Okay, we can't release bebore end september. :-)

Anyway, this is short a time-frame we'll not be able to follow if people
don't work on fixing bugs.

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