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Re: a tool for system administration

On Fri, 23 Jul 1999, Francisco Javier Gaztelua Odriozola wrote:

and you may whant to look at the debian-admintool
mailing list.

The SAS stuff from:
and for a demo of what can be accomplished with SAS:

> Hello,
> IMHO the most important features that Unix and Unix-like systems lack
> nowadays are: a standard and powerfull GUI & IDE (a-la NextStep) and a
> standard and useful graphical administration tool. While there are some
> movements to fill the first issue totally or partially (KDE, GNOME,
> AfterStep etc.) there is not one to fill the second yet, though individual
> initiatives are available, from vendors' particular SMIT, SAM, ADMINTOOL
> etc. to more novice user oriented tools by Red Hat, SuSe, TurboLinux etc.
> There is no yet a serious initiative from the Free Software community to
> fill this gap. It is probably because of both the dificculty to manage all
> the O.S. subsystems with its complex interrelation and the "command line"
> culture of the Unix world. As for the second I think that though the
> command line is an invaluable tool to get the full control of the system, a
> general administrative tool for doing most of the administrative tasks fast
> and easily is nowadays a necessity, specially if we want to make Linux et
> al competitive in today's GUI world. This is not a concession to the novice
> user. As a sys admin I do most of the administrative tasks on AIX with
> SMIT. As for the first and more difficult question (how to manage a great
> number of subsystems with complex dependencies between them) I think that
> the best approach is to take advantage of the package oriented and
> mantained way of Debian at al. Since every mantainer is an expert in the
> installation, setup and use of the package that he maintains, he could
> build a full featured setup & config program for the package. With a
> standard specification for this programs, to provide a unified way of work
> and cooperation between them, and a specification for an adequated user
> front end to them, we could get a useful tool. I think this could be and
> interesting and useful project for the Free Software and Debian community.
> just an idea
> Best Regards
> Francisco Gaztelua
> System Administrator

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