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Re: Request for more finely grained classification of packages

On Wed, Jul 21, 1999 at 11:38:08PM -0400, Ming Poon wrote:
> Sounds like you need Corel Debian Linux which offers this hierarchical
> scheme of packages in our custom install option. Unfortunately, it won't
> be released until November 1999 but it is certainly worth the wait.

If you dont want to share the code with us please at least stop promoting
your distribution on debian lists, thank u.

I guess we are happy to work together with corel, but I dont think "wait
till we release the product" has something todo with "workign together". If
you change something which is as basic as the package system you should
better get some early feedback from debian or corel wont be much compatible
with debian in the future.


PS: personal opinion

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