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Re: packaging lpe

On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, Adam Rogoyski wrote:
>    I'll take over this package for you if no one else has asked.  I'm also
> interested in if you've got the different key mappings worked out somehow
> yet.

Okay, go ahead.  Recent versions have the debian/ subdir because I was
going to maintain it as a debian package... feel free to steal whatever
you want from there, and ask if you'd prefer that I remove that
subdirectory... that's probably best, so that your changes to the
packaging don't conflict with the source distribution.

As far as key mappings go, no I have been doing actual, real-world work
too much recently -- I'm still planning on it eventually, but your patches
would be welcome.  That probably conflicts with what I've told you in the
past, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience; I keep thinking I'll have free
time, and then finding out otherwise.  I've actually made this harder
recently, because configurable key bindings will now mean dynamically
generating the help screen that lists key bindings... :(

Chris Smith <cd_smith@ou.edu>

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