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Re: JDBC driver for Debian

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Christian Leutloff wrote:

> and your Java program will run unter NT!? Then there should be no
> problem using the odbc driver provided by M$. (btw. *don't* use any
> import clause that starts with "ms." or you loose the portability of
> Java)
No, I want to run Java from Debian (otherways I wouldn't ask here ;-)).
I consider the Apache server better than any other server and so
my decision was for Debian.  Only the Database has to be on the
M$ machine.
> Even if not, it should be possible to use the generic (read: delivered
> with the JDK) jdbc:odbc bridge and to connect to every database
> providing an odbc driver. This is promised through the documentation
> of jdbc.
> Can you please report any problems with this setup to me (and/or this
> mailing list)!?
I could give the Merant JFBC driver a try.  If it works I could
report here.  Any hints about that are welcome via private mail.

Kind regards


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