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Re: SAMBA and multi-homed

*- On 19 Jul, Fabien Salvi wrote about "SAMBA and multi-homed"
> Hello.
> I have a server configured with 2 NIC (eth0 eth1)
> I want samba to listen only on 1 interface. (the interface eth0).
> Is it possible ?
> I've done the same with other software (apache, squid...)
> I have not found something like that in docs.
> Maybe I can block it with hosts.deny but I'd prefere block all on 1
> interface.

I don't have your setup but a quick look in the smb.conf man page under
the 'interfaces' and 'bind interfaces only' options should be what you

Bacially set 'bind interfaces only = true' and then list the specific
interfaces you want under the interfaces option.

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