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RE: Mails vanish after upgrading to potato

Stephen Pitts on Monday, July 19, 1999 2:13 wrote:
> fetchmail doesn't use the spool file, it talks directly to 
> whatever SMTP
> server you've got running. 
> > How to solve this problem?
> Check to make sure that localhost is in the local_domains 
> section of exim.conf,
> and that exim recognizes it as a valid hostname. fetchmail is 
> sending mails
> to <your username>@localhost, and exim doesn't know what to do.
> BTW, the debian-user list is more appropriate for these types 
> of questions,
> so I've set the Reply To to that.
Please don´t understand me wrong: I solved the problem under slink after
several trials (and yes, I was wrong in this list and explained why I
did so).  But know I´m completely right here on this list.

I installed the development version (upgrade to potato) and this broked
my running user version.

This moment I found the solution.  So want you to decide if this is a bug
or a feature.  The new exim postinst script does an exim.conf conversion.
This converted my former entry 
  local_domains = localhost
to the value returned by `hostname`.  Unfortunately my host is not included
in DNS and so exim failed.  Should I file a bug-report for this reason or
does this go under the required manual corrections??

Kind regards


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