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Re: How to access mailserver

On Fri, 16 Jul 1999, Andreas Tille wrote:

> >    check with ps ax| grep exim that it is running.
> >    /etc/init.d/exim restart -> errors?
> No, exim doesn't run, because this would differ from the default,
> which I left untouched because of less knowledge in that field.
> Moreover /etc/init.d/exim starts with:
> # Usually this is disabled and exim runs from /etc/inetd.conf
> exit 0

Okay, is there any reference to exim in your /etc/inetd.conf?

if not, it should be this:

smtp		stream	tcp	nowait	mail	/usr/sbin/exim exim -bs

(the gaps are TAB's)

> Deleting this line I can start exim successfully and fetchmail works
> correctly.  Now my question is, and in my opinion I'm right now
> back on the development tree of this question and do legally
> posting here, why is this not done by default?

As far as I know, it is.

> When configuring exim I configured it for uses which was recommended
> together with tools like fetchmail.  WHat is the advantage of
> starting exim via inetd (or to say better *NOT* starting it via
> inetd) instead of running exim as daemon?
> Moreover I wonder how inetd should know about exim?

inetd knows about it with the line above.  starting via inetd means that
less system resources are used when mail is not being processed (less
memory, cpu usage) Which is a pretty good default for a dialup machine.

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