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RE: Freeze Goals -- WAS: September release

David Starner writes:
 > At 01:31 PM 7/15/99 -0700, Brent Fulgham wrote:
 > >> 
 > >> > gcc 2.95
 > >> 
 > >Can anyone comment on how gcc2.95 compares to our current egcs?
 > >I know gcc2.95 is based on a fork from nov/dec 1998, and they haven't
 > >fully implemented all of the egcs features.
 > No. GCC 2.95 is EGCS 1.2, it's just that it's now the official GNU GCC
 > compiler. It's completely up to date on the EGCS side, but it's still
 > missing some of the latest work on the old official GCC in CVS.

- egcs-1.2 is gcc-2.95.
- egcs-1.1.x is based on on a code branch from August 1998.
- gcc-2.95 includes gcc-2.8.1 and all changes made up to September
- inclusion off all missing gcc-2.8.x code is planned for 2.96 (or
  3.0, don't know exactly).

 > >That could have an impact on our g++-compiled packages, because
 > >apparently gcc2.95 is not binary-compatible with egcs-1.1 libraries.
 > Theoritacally, no, it's not. In practice (if I understand correctly), it's
 > usually compatable as long as STL stuff isn't used. 

gcc-2.95 uses new library version numbers for libstdc++
(2.10). valarray support is added in this version.

You can test the gcc-2.95 packages in the project/experimental
distribution. gcc-2.95 will be uploaded as sonn as possible; the code
is almost frozen.

- g++ is more conformant (and more restrictive) to the standard.
- much better support for alpha (and powerpc?). Compiles now packages
  that could'nt compiled before.
- More aggressive optimization (however kernel must be compiled with

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