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Re: How to access mailserver

On Thu, 15 Jul 1999, Lee Bradshaw wrote:

> Try the "-v" option to fetchmail. You should be able to see the
> progress of the IMAP? and SMTP connections. You may need something like
> "local_domains = localhost" in your exim.conf file. Another option is
This does not lead to new resultes.

> to skip exim and add "mda /usr/bin/procmail" to your .fetchmailrc and
> bypass the SMTP connection.
OK, that works but neither pine nor mutt detect the resulting
file in /var/spool/mail as valid inbox.

> This kind of question should probably go on debian-user in the future.
Sorry for the inconvience here, but I have to change my mail account
to the new one which I wanted to get working before I would subscribe
to a new list.  But I can read my mails via netscape and will do
further questions there.

Thanks all for the hints.  After subscribing to debian-user I hope
to solve the problem.  Kind regards


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