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Re: How to access mailserver

On Thu, 15 Jul 1999, Hirling Endre wrote:

> Exim is not running on your machine. You should check
> /var/log/exim/paniclog for the reason. AFAICT it has nothing to do
> with your firewall/DNS
/var/log/paniclog hasn't any entry for the last three days.
/var/log/exim/mainlog says in the end:

1999-07-16 07:08:00 Start queue run: pid=829
1999-07-16 07:08:00 End queue run: pid=829
1999-07-16 07:23:00 Start queue run: pid=851
1999-07-16 07:23:00 End queue run: pid=851

which shows a very regular running cycle each 15minutes.  Is thie
the correct behaviour?

Kind regards


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