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Re: Translating /etc/init.d/ scripts

On Tue, Jul 13, 1999 at 09:42:29AM +0200, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
> SUggestion by lalo: translate separate words like
> "Reloading" "foo bar server" 
> instead of the full phrase:
> "Reloading foo bar server"
> it does not work:
> "Reloading foo bar server configuration" will be in german
> "Lade Konfiguration für foo bar Dienst neu" (or so).
> the problem is: "reloading" in english is "lade ... neu" in german.
> so the object (foo bar server" has be be between "lade" and "neu".

I addressed this point in the proposal. My proposed solution was
a printf-like approach 
(printf "Reloading %s: %s" "foo bar server" "foobar").
I'm aware of the problem, because the same thing happens to my
language (Portuguese)

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