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Re: Translation of init scripts

Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> I don't know. Only the most simple init scripts will just use start-stop-daemon
> to start and stop the service. There a quite a few init scripts that do
> more things - like starting and stopping several daemons, waiting until
> a daemon has started/stopped

I dunno, I've written quite complex init scripts (see the lambdamoo one)
that use only start-stop-daemon for everything, including waiting to see if
a daemon has stopped. I've seen plenty of others that use start-stop-daemon
to start two daemons. Of course they can't use its output.

I guess you're right that in some cases where you wait for something to start 
it's not going to work. I think we could make it smart enough to handle
narely all cases. I think we *certianly* should use it for the normal cases,
which just means making it output stuff in the right format.

We really need some kind of abstraction layer. Maybe start-stop-daemon isn't
the right base.

> It would be better if we simply defined a few keywords the init script
> can spit out that would be translated by a backend.
> from the program that is being started. We would need to carefully
> design this interface, ofcourse. Perhaps it's too complicated.

Seems rather complicated to me.

see shy jo

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