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Re: September Release?

On Mon, Jul 12, 1999 at 04:22:31PM -0700, David Bristel wrote:
> Doesn't it stand to reason that we COULD freeze today?  A freeze doesn't
> mean bugs don't get fixed, as we well know.  The conversion of perl
> modules and such would continue.  Are there really that many "features"
> which arn't already in potato(even if they are buggy)?  Freeze to me
> means "feature freeze", as I'm sure it means to most people.  Sure it's
> still buggy, sure it's not ready for release candidates, but can we
> freeze today?  Sure.

Of course we could freeze today.  People would be slightly miffed they had
no warning, but people would be miffed anyway no matter what is done so
don't worry about it too much.  That doesn't mean we could make a 1
September release date that we'd need to in order to have CDs available
for linux demo day.

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people who do this run into trouble, that's good!  All businesses based
on non-free software ought to fail, and the sooner the better.
        -- Richard Stallman

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