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Re: Debian /bin/login and heimdal kerberos

Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au> writes:

> getopt is OK, it is the different standards for passing
> parameters to login that is the problem.

Hmm, but `-f -- foo' is the same as `-f foo' with Single UNIX getopt
(if -f doesn't take an argument).

> I don't understand. What reason is it that you don't do it? What
> don't you do?

We don't unlink the ticket file on logout because login can't know
that there isn't any processes left using it.

> My solution for deleting the ticket file after you log out works fine...

But requires you to use a per-tty (or per-process) ccache (which might
be ok in most cases).

We could add this to our login, but I personally doesn't want this
functionality. I feel this should be left to the individual user to

> I believe it is the same thing used by MIT Kerberos, and Kerberos4kth
> (although I can't double check right now).

I think MIT does this, but we are not. We might add some hooks for
this. The login programs is still pretty bare-bones.


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