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Re: Programming question: sizeof struct?

Joop Stakenborg <aba@casema.net> writes:

> For instance, if the structure were:
> struct foo {
>     char text[3];
>     int  num;
> };
> sizeof would return 6 and not 5.  So it's obvious that the compiler is
> placing a pad byte between text and num to align num.  I want it to
> stop!

Actually thats 8 on alpha.
And if you pack that to 5 the program will run with 10% speed and
generate a lot of unaligned traps. DON'T do that. Write a parser that
can read the data from file in a arch independant manner.

If you don't you will get a critical bug as soon as you release the
package, because if won't work on different endianess, even if you
pack the struct.

May the Source be with you.

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