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Re: Postfix as default MTA?

In article <19990710134348.B11054@molehole>, Steve Greenland
<stevegr@debian.org> wrote:

>I think the contention is not the spawning in and of itself, but that
>each spawn duplicates a large executable to accomplish a discrete task,

Uhm. It doesn't. That's the trick of Linux' clone call. It just creates
task descriptors and virtual memory descriptor tables. The copying is only
done on write to the process' memory and so it usually only includes the
process' data and not it's code. So the size of the executable is largely

Actually it can be the other way around: if you have to spawn several
_different_ executables, this can kill performance majorily when running
on a small machine.

>task. Of course, if the code is in memory already, it may actually be
>less of a burden than several small executables.

Exactly. Especially if the larger executable is more or less untouched.

>And of course, the *heavy-duty* performance of the *default* Debian MTA
>is (or should be) irrelevant. The only concerns should be security, ease
>of configuration, and flexibility, probably in that order.

Yup. I fully agrea here. Although I would prefer a real security and not a
proposed one. And add documentation to these concenes, although it might
be seen as part of "ease of configuration".

bye, Georg


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