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Re: storm linux

On Fri, 9 Jul 1999, Joey Hess wrote:

> R Garth Wood wrote:
> > The install just unpacks the pkgs. Any questions are asked on reboot.
> > We do not believe that pkgs should ask questions interactively.
> Are you familiar with the debian configuration management proposal? It

I gave it a quick once over awhile ago. It seems to address
all the issues we have found with debian. I have a couple of
suggestions, though as well as some questions.
Is this a dead project or is there someone working on it?

> allows for zero-question installs, and many question installs as well. It's
> been evolving towards somthing like SIL, though the lanaguage is much
> simpler and has no callbacks. http://debian.org/~wakkerma/config6/

I recognised that there should be a backend to SAS awhile ago.
The problem is it's a huge job and we're still looking for
investment capital. Hopefully we'll be able to help debian
when we get that sorted out.

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