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Re: FreeLinux (Debian/GNU BSD)

On Fri, Jul 09, 1999 at 11:56:36AM -0500, Steve Price wrote:
> [Moved this to the -ports list since this is a ports issue for
>  FreeBSD.  Also removed one of the debian lists to cutdown on
>  cross-posting.]
> This has been discussed several times in recent months on the
> Debian lists.  I participated briefly in one of the more recent
> ones.  I offered my assistance, boxes to do the work on, they
> (Debian) even setup a mailing list (debian-bsd) I believe, and
> I worked up a set of patches to get dpkg to compile on a FreeBSD
> box.  But it seems interest has fallen off since the mailing list
> doesn't seem to work anymore (or didn't for a peroid of time
> immediately following one of my posts several months ago).
> -steve

No, interest hasn't fallen off.  I've just been busy with the Great Perl
Upgrade and getting Lintian complaint and the many votes we've been having.
I really want to see such a port.  I had posted a few questions on
direction and such and never received a response... so I've been patiently
waiting for a few more people to be interested.

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