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Re: HTML in addition to GNU Info? (was: ... instead ...)

On 9 Jul 1999, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:

> >>>>> "Norbert" == Norbert Nemec <nobbi@cheerful.com> writes:
>     Norbert> - include texi files in the packages and let a mechanism
>     Norbert>   create the files the sysad wants on the system.
>  How about include a target in debian/rules that builds .ps, .dvi, or
>  .pdf versions of .texi documentation, but don't ship those with the
>  binary.deb.  Ship the .info by default, .html in a separate -doc

Note that tkman uses texinfo sources for visualisation, rather than info.
Standalone info browser is quite useless thing, becouse if one uses emacs,
one doesn't need it, and if one doesn't use emacs, he is unable to use
info due to very emacsish keybinding. Of course, there are xwpe (which is
my prefered info browser), pinfo etc, but really only thing texinfo is
good for outside emacs is to print it out. And it is pain to search for
source package every time you need documentation, so may be it is better
to ship texi with makefile as -doc package, rather than html.

>  package (many of us will not install HTML; it is CRUFT when `info' is
>  available.), and leave the .texi in the source package, with a target
>  that makes ungreppables for those who wish to print or pdf and don't
>  know the commands or don't know where to find the fine manual to the
>  texinfo utilities.
>  Generally, a program that is documented with texinfo will have
>  targets in Makefile for .ps and .dvi, so a debian/rules standard
>  target would likely be fairly trivial to create.
>  I think more of us ought to learn texinfo and use it for new
>  manuals.  `info undocumented' ;-)
>  The people who created `tex', `texinfo', and `info' are very wise.

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