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Intent to package: jtex and mtex (multex)

jtex is a TeX for Japanese texts and mtex is a TeX for multlingual texts.

Copyright is:

  web2c-j is derived from web2c. The files I modified have the same copying
  permission as the original. The files I wrote are covered by my copyright.
  See the beginning of the files.

The copyright above mentioned is the following:

  /* Copyright (C) 1988-1998 Takafumi Sakurai
   * Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this file for any
   * purpose is hereby granted without fee, provided that both the above
   * copyright notice and this permission appear in all copies.

Copyright of web2c:

  These files are present for informational purposes.  They are not used
  or installed by the programs.  All of them are available elsewhere, and
  the versions in this distribution may be out of date.

  COPYING and COPYING.LIB contain the GNU Public Licenses, which apply to
  the binaries created by this distribution, and some of the source
  files.  (Each source file states its copying conditions.)

Hayao Nakahara

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