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Need help with the importent bug: "Bug#40495: mc: mouse doesn't work"

On Wed, Jun 30, 1999 at 01:25:42PM +0200, Patrik Rak wrote:
> Package: mc
> Version: 4.5.33-2
> Severity: important
> Hi!
> Mouse doesn't work at all in this release.
> To be exact, when you use the mouse to click on things, it doesn't do
> anything at all (i.e., you still have to press the caps to get the selection
> behavior, which works).
> I consider this quite important as some features (e.g., directory history) 
> are not accessible without it at all.
> I am going back to 4.5.1-1.1 which works fine.


first to patrik: thanks for the bug-report.

I have check it and he is right. The mouse don't work on a vc. 

But I don't find a reason. I think it is a lib problem, but I don't find

Can someone help and build mc on his computer and check it?
I have a slink-potato computer and this computer is very slow.


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