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Re: ITP: Powertweak

John Lapeyre proclaimed:
> *Farzad Farid wrote:
> > The file PCI/parse_pci.c says:
> >  *      Can be freely distributed and used under the terms of the GNU GPL.
> >  *      *NB* No code or data-tables from Powertweak may be used in any profit
> >  *           making application (regardless of OS) without express permission.
> > Isn't this last statement incompatible with GPL or the DFSG? 
>   Yes, it is incompatible.  I have seen this problem before. Perhaps the author
> can be persuaded to drop the clause. Otherwise, he should make it clear that
> he wants to use the GPL, but modified a bit.  He probably doen't really want
> this.

I have written to the upstream author asking him to change this.  Let us

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