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Re: Pentium Optimized

"EXT AVS; Goswin Brederlow" wrote:

> >
> > Alpha could definitely use this since the newer processors have byte
> > load and store instructions that the older processors didn't have.
> > Needless to say, these instructions can have a HUGE impact on
> > performance for several packages.  The problem, however, is that we
> > would need at least three "layers": EV4, EV5, and EV6.  I could add more
> > to those, but those are the basic three where the most advances were
> > made.
> What would be more usefull and space saving would be a source only
> distribution.
> apt-get --compile foobar
> would download foobar and all it depends on (unless already installed)
> and compile it optinised for your host. On an 533MHz Alpha it doesn't
> take that long and if you don't want to wait, you can default to the
> slow precompiled bins.
> May the Source be with you.
>                         Goswin

Well, this is essentially what the FreeBSD/NetBSD guys are allready doing.
Perhaps their binary packaging system isn't as advanced as Debians. However
It's a great experience to go into their /usr/ports/...  subdirectory and
type make and then make install. This will initiate a source download from
internet and start patching compiling ... With the pkg tool this software
can then be uninstalled. My first make world with FreeBSD was pretty

If you think you would like a mostly source distribution then peeking into
what the ***BSD guys have done might be of some interest.

//Gunnar Isaksson

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