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Re: Pentium Optimized

"M. Brian Akins" <bakins@stsi.net> writes:

> I was wondering if there was any interest in putting together a set of pentium
> optimized debian packages???
> I have done a few for my use by using pgcc (patched egcs) with the
> -march=pentium -mcpu=pentium (as weel as =pentiumpro).  But I will admit I'm a
> newbie in the dpkg world and was wondering had this idead been contemplated
> seriously before.
> Thanks M. Brian Akins
>  (If this has been asked a hunderd times before, or if I'm out of line, please
> let me know)

What for? Which packages take up all your CPU time so that you need
faster bins? Do those 1% speedup realy matter to you?

Its the same problem as whether one should use -O2 or -O9.

In general it completly irrelevant to use highly optimized code, but
you risk having a lot of problems with it due to compiler bugs.

The only packages I think would gain from this are:

xaos (it uses -O9 for the critical functions), xfractint, mesa, some
numeric libs.

If you know more, tell me.

And for those few packages, go and compile them yourself, if speed
matters for you. For Debian its just not worth the effort and space.

May the Source be with you.

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