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Re: Orphaning wine...

Sami Dalouche <samid@ifrance.com> writes:

> > > [This is _not_ a trivial package, and even on my 450Mhz machine, it takes
> > > a long time to compile, so think twice before adopting it ;]
> How many hours ?

20Mn on a bi-PII-440.

> > How far has the wine project come?  This doesn't seem like a package that
> > shouldn't be dropped.  What's involved in packaging it?
> Is it hard to package? 

i don't think, if you want take a look on mandrake package.

> Does wine use autoconf ?


> Because I'm a newbie in deb. packaging. I'm not a debian developper now but
> I've sent my subscribtion.
> If it's not too hard to package, I can take it.

Well so good luck :).

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