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Re: slink packages from potato source (Was: Re: Postfix hoopla)

>> "Juergen" == Juergen A Erhard <jae@jae.ddns.org> writes:

Juergen> This got me thinking (again).  Could we collect these in some
Juergen> semi-official place (like netgod's unproposed-updates) or at
Juergen> least put the URLs somewhere on www.debian.org?

WHen I talk to Wichert during Linuxtag, I mentioned this as well. He
said it not so much of a space problem or such, but a management
one. We need more active stable management. And things like "service
packs". (Hopefully I got this all right).

Juergen> The new XChat, for example, is much better than slink's
Juergen> version...  0.9.x is all I say.

xchat 0.9.5 is part of the GNOME update,


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