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ITP: pikt

The PIKT description:

--An acronym:  Problem Informant/Killer Tool.  (PIKT rhymes with "ticket".)

--An innovative new paradigm for administering heterogeneous networked
  workstations. PIKT monitors systems, reports and fixes problems,
  and manages system configurations.

--An embedded scripting language.  Sporting an especially clean syntax,
  the PIKT scripting language shares many elements in common with other
  familiar languages.  But the PIKT language breaks new ground, introducing
  unique features to make your programming easier.

--A sophisticated script preprocessor and control mechanism for managing your
  administrative scripts.  You can, setting aside the PIKT language, even use
  it to version control, install, error log, and schedule programs written
  in other languages, as well as to employ macros, meta-comments, and C-like
  #if, #ifdef, and #include directives in Perl, AWK, etc.

--Distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

If anyone else is working on it, please inform...


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