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RFC: changing SVGATextMode dependancy from kbd to console-tools


Up until the present STM has been using the kbd package to provide font
utilities.  As you may or may not be aware kbd has now been 'officially'
superseded by console-tools as Debian's preferred font manager package.
(ie. console-tools is now 'required' and kbd has been relegated to extra)

In line with this change I propose to switch STM to using console-tools.

While it would be nice if it could use either package, subtle differences
between them appear to hinder an easy clean solution.  (see bug#20492
for a discussion on this held long before I adopted it and before work on
STM was also discontinued upstream.)  Since few (none last time I checked)
other packages also depend on kbd I see no compelling reason why we
shouldn't now just switch STM to using console-tools exclusively. 

I have had a few requests for STM to use console-tools in the past so I'm
not really looking for a swath of seconds in order to go ahead with this,
but since kbd and console-tools conflict I'd mainly like to confirm that
no-one considers they will be horribly inconvenienced by this change..

If there are no "shit, why didn't I see that" type objections, then I'll
proceed to make the switch..

for your greater viewing pleasure,

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