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Re: Hardware vendors who pre-install Debian

As the person who asked Doug to post (thanks, Doug) because of the
devel-digest 1-week pause, it looks like 
	Linux Laptops
	Indy Box
are the only ones who preinstall Debian?  I've not seen anyone else,
yet, sigh...  Have I missed one?  (I'm actually spec'ing IndyBox for a 
few systems, but it's always nice to have options, keep people on
thier toes...). 

Please feel free to send me mail if you do, hardware sellers, even if
you don't post to the list (are there any developers who work for
hardware resellers who install Debian?).

I really don't want RedHat,SuSE, Mandrake, etc.  They are fine
distributions for someone _else_.  I really don't (it's an upgrade
thing and zillions of packages thing; people who know and love
dselect/apt will understand :-)

Yes, I could install myself, which was fun the first 10 times, but
it's getting old, now :-).

Maybe I should go into the business...


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