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Q about policy; revision numbers

Hey all -

  Is it legal, according to debian policy, to have package revisiion numbers
in a form besides '-1 -2 -3 ....' etc? For example, suppose I have a package
that will be taken from CVS every time, and I want to make the revision the
date, '-990705' for example.

  By doing so, I'd be able to avoid uploading an entirely new codebase (only
a diff) which would get my uploads through Incoming faster (and save an
ftpmaint time). When the .diff starts approaching the size of the
.orig.tar.gz, I can just add an epoch to start with a new codebase (and
upload a new .orig.tar.gz to master).

Is there any clean way of handling this? Or must I just fully submit a new
codebase each time I want to upload new packages?

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