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Re: libtool in upstream makefiles

	     Yes, they use autoconf.  I'll check in the
configure.in .  I guess at some point, I'll have to pass
a flag, since I want to build both shared and static 
	Thanks  for the help.

*othman@cs.wustl.edu wrote:
> Hi John,
> On  4 Jul, John Lapeyre wrote:
>  > 	  I am trying to update a package. The author
>  > has switched to libtool since the last release.  It
>  > is a nice number theory library, but no software depends
>  > on it at this point.  The makefile somehow just builds
>  > a static libary, although I can't find a request to libtool
>  > to build a static library.
> Does the distribution have an autoconf style configure script?  If
> it does, take a look at the configure.in file.  It probably has a line
> that says something like:
> This will cause libtool to disable building shared libraries by
> default.  You can re-enable building shared libraries by issuing the
> following to the configure script:
> 	./configure --enable-shared
> If the distribution doesn't have a configure script and simply relies
> on calling libtool "manually" from the Makefiles then it shouldn't be
> hard to make the right libtool calls in the Makefile.  The libtool docs
> should provide some good examples.  I never use libtool without
> autoconf and automake, otherwise I could give you a better answer.
> Sorry.

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