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Re: Perl disaster in the making

	     People on this list are well aware of the problem.
It may be a good idea to send an ALL CAPS message to devel and
even user, warning people following unstable that the perl 5.005
is now installed. Of course you are supposed to be careful using
unstable, but I think it's a small amount  of noise on the list
compared to the problems it could avert.
	 On the development side. Someone (Raphael, Darren ?) sent
a list to people with perl-dependent packages explaining that 
they should upload as soon as possible.

*Steve Greenland wrote:

> To wit: libgtk-perl picked up a dependency on perl-5.005 (apparently in
> addition to "perl (>= 5.004-05)". This causes dselect to auto-select
> perl-5.005, wich causes perl-5.004 to be de-selected, which then
> attempts to uninstall the 50% of my system that depends on "perl",
> apparently because perl-5.005 doesn't provide "perl".

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