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Re: Kinda OT: Dealing with cracker attempts...

On 1999-07-04 15:42, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> So I was sitting here working on getting libnet-perl working with the
> new perl packages, and installing midentd on my firewall host so that
> I could get into some ftp sites, when what did I notice but ippl
> logging that someone was portscanning me.
> How do other people handle this?  I mean, this host has basically all
> services but smtp and identd turned off, so I'm not _terrifically_
> worried about someone getting in.  It does annoy me, though, and I'm
> wondering if people have any real-world suggestions as to ways to
> provide negative reinforcement to the cracker.
> Suggestions?

Send an email to his/her isp, then to their upstream provider if you
don't get any action.  I think it's considered tress passing, so you
could file a police report.

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