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Re: Release management

To help build a consensus, I would support such a plan.  

On Sat, Jul 03, 1999 at 08:48:46PM +0200, Richard Braakman wrote:
> Some issues of release management are being discussed again, so I thought
> I'd speak up and give my views.
> What I would like to see is two releases per year, with a freeze time
> of about one month each.  This gives five months per release for
> development, of which perhaps one month will be spent on pre-freeze
> issues.
> What we have right now is releases that take about a year, with half
> of that time spent in freeze.  By the time we make a release, it is
> almost outdated already.
> For potato, I'd be happy enough if we get a shorter freeze, even if
> the total release time is not reduced.  Once the freeze process is
> under control, it should be easy to get faster releases.
> The main reason right now for not freezing is the large and rising
> number of release-critical bugs.  We're over 200 already, and the
> number is going up rather than down.  The boot-floppies also need
> work.
> I have two plans for dealing with the release-critical bugs.
> The first is to contact each maintainer of such a package, and ask
> what's up, and collect these reactions in the weekly report.  This
> approach has helped before, with the hamm release.  Josip Rodin has
> volunteered to do this :)
> The second is to go ahead and mark a number of packages as "will be
> removed" if their bugs are not fixed before the freeze, and then 
> arrange for the weekly report to not count them, and list them in
> a separate section.  These are the packages that would have been
> removed from frozen now, if we'd had an old-style freeze.  This will
> let us concentrate on bugs that will actually slow down the release
> process.  (Nothing stops you from rescuing a package by fixing its
> bugs, of course.)
> Richard Braakman
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