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Re: Pentium Optimized

> I think that'd be the way to go, but leave it at that: instead of recompiling
> all of Debian whole-hog for 586/686, strategically pick the small subset of
> packages for which it'd matter most: kernel, Xservers, apache/*ftpd, egcs etc.
> Could be done for other procs too (usparc, alpha 22164(?), K7?).

I was going to optimize my kernel at one point (pgcc) - and was looking
through pgcc's site, and asking on #debian and #linux (efnet) for what
the best flags to use would be and was told that for the kernel, optimization
doesn't count for much, as the real intensive stuff was handled with asm.

Does anybody know the accuracy of this? if I were to "optimally optimize"
with pgcc, what kind of performance boost would I actually SEE? -- I know
nobody can really give hard values, but a 'noticable' would probably be
good enough -- have a P133, 48M RAM, 128M swap...

 - Brian E. Ermovick

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