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Re: Intent to Package: bladeenc 0.81

On Fri, Jul 02, 1999 at 09:11:18AM -0400, Brian Ristuccia wrote:
> > They are maintained by non-US developers. Brian lives in the US. It's been
> > brought to my attention that gimp-non-free is also maintained by a US
> > developer.
> gimp-non-free isn't even a non-US package. I see no reason why bladeenc
> needs to be in non-US, aside from the fact that there are no software
> patents in the country where non-US is located. I thought patents only
> covered use?

It's patented, just like mp3 encoders are.  And the patent holder have
been ... quick to have their lawyers talk to you ...

gimp-nonfree belongs in non-US.  Preferably non-US/main.

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