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Re: quickppp and ppp configuration

> I'm thinking of changing the priority of quickppp to 'standard' as well as
> trying to promote it more as our PPP setup tool. IIRC, there isn't a very
> good way of setting up PPP w/o editing scary files, etc. Quickppp asks
> questions and generates the files, and then moves them to /etc/ppp. Of
> course, it has to be run as root for this purpose. There are alot of
> Debian users who connect via modem, and this would be a real help to the
> newbie. Sorry if this isn't coherent (I just got back home after about 72
> straight hours) but I thought I'd share the idea.

I usually use pppconfig for that, and I'm really happy of this.
What are the differences between the two solutions ?

Bye, Mt.

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