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Re: Intent to package: tkSETI

On Thursday 1 July 1999, at 23 h 44, the keyboard of Gopal Narayanan 
<gopal@fcrao1.phast.umass.edu> wrote:

> No, not UFOs, but possibly advanced extraterrestrial civilizations
> that may be broadcasting radio signals to attract attention to
> themselves. Visit their website.

The Web site of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations?

> tkSETI. Just a small note, I would encourage those with machines that
> are idle at times to try out this software. It is a neat project.

I sometimes use non-free software to accomplish a goal (making my boss happy, for instance). Not when I donate CPU cycles. Since it seems there is no free project in that field (the closest from freeness seems to be Mersenne Prime Search <http://www.mersenne.org/>), I leave my CPU stay.

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