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Re: ITP: Artemis, a DNA sequence viewer

On Thursday 1 July 1999, at 14 h 23, the keyboard of John Lapeyre 
<lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu> wrote:

> > Legally, it is GPL but depends presently on a non-free Corba ORB. A version
> > which uses a free ORB (JacORB, which I will package as well) is under 
> > construction. 

Corba fans will be happy to know that JacORB has the interesting property to 
crash commercial Corba servers remotely. It will delay the release of the new 
Artemis, but, in the mean time, it is nice to see Netscape Navigator able to 
crash Apache :-)

>   Stephane, you are usurping my role as human-science-package-packaging-machine

There is still a lot of work to do, specially for physics and chemistry.

>   Real life, and fixing the packages that I already have, have brought my
>   packaging to a halt.

Less but better. My buglist grows dangerously and I'll try to force myself to 
stop adding packages (it's more fun to make a new package, than to debug an 
old one.)
>   I would like to think that the linux labs in the University
>   departments would run Debian, but they all seem to run RH. 

Marketing rules. But keep going. We'll reach world domination, one day.

> There
>   are even courses that depend on some of my packages, (these packages
>   do not exist for RH).

They have almost nothing in the scientific field, and all of them are really-broken "contrib". 

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