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Re: Pentium Optimized

Alternatively, with wanna-build and a fast net connection, a
*localized* distribution (i586?) with pentium optimizations might be

There is a lot of discussion about this kinda think about 2 months ago
I think in the debian-ultralinux list, since sparc64 (sparc9)
optimizations are of, well, dubious benefit.  It would be nice if
someone could do some homework on how apt might be used to establish
an "overlay" distribution, such that some crucial packages could be
provided (i.e., in a i586 or sparc64 area) whereas for the bulk of
packages, size is more important.  I would consider a symlink farm to
be unacceptable in terms of the maintenance (dinstall) angle.  Apt,
with the ordering of packages, can sorta do it using an incomplete
distribution (just with the critical pacakges) but then you wouldn't
automatically download the optimized stuff unless you were also
bumping version numbers when you optimized.

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