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new php3 packages


I've made some preliminary php3 packages, version 3.0.11. Anyone
interested can download them from ftp://ftp.elte.hu/pub/people/gorgo/php3
These packages fix the long-standing mysql problem which was caused by the
mysql package reorganization and the fact that there wasn't a good mysql
package in potato/main I could link against. The libmysqlclient6 package
the php3-mysql module depends on is currently now in incoming but will be
installed into archive tomorrow. I expect to upload the final 3.0.11
packages by then too. So if you test them now, please notify me of any
success/failure reports.

In the next upload expect some new modules like snmp, imagemagick, pcre,
but first I want to get this package set into the archive as soon as
possible, so no new packages yet.

Madarasz Gergely           gorgo@caesar.elte.hu         gorgo@linux.rulez.org
      It's practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.
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