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Re: when move /usr/doc -> /usr/share/doc ?

On Jul 01, Santiago Vila wrote:
> Yes, and this is what is done in GNU/Hurd as well (usr -> /).
> The problem is that once that you have forced dpkg to "follow" a symlink
> to install a package (which is perfectly possible and it sort of works),
> it is nearly impossible to upgrade to another version of the same package
> having the files in the real destination. dpkg is unable to see that the
> files in the "wrong" place that followed the symlink and the files in the
> "right" place which do not need to follow the symlink (or viceversa)  are
> the same and get extremely confused.

I've noticed some problems with alien packages that use /usr/bin/X11
instead of /usr/X11R6/bin.  Ideally dpkg would resolve path names
using the GNU realpath() function (or equivalent; I implemented
something identical in Python for reportbug).  On the other hand,
rearranging your file system (moving /usr/doc to /junk/doc via a
symlink, for example) probably would continue to confuse the hell out
of dpkg.

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